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When can I start using Hing and Cold Relief Roll on?

Our hing and cold relief roll ons are made from 100% natural Essential oils. So recommend age to start using it is 3+ months.

My baby has cold and cough. Which product I should use?

Our Natural Cold Relied Roll on is the best alternate of cough syrups. It doesn’t contain harmful petroleum jelly, mineral oils and other harmful chemicals. It contains 100% Natural essential oils that helps to remove cough naturally within the chest and makes baby comfortable.

My baby passes gas oftenly and feels bloated sometime. What should I do?

Our Hing Roll on is the best solution for gas, bloated tummy and constipation in babies. You have to apply it on the tummy and around the naval of the baby. Baby will feel relaxed in 2 mins.

How to use Natural Cold Relief Roll on?

Rub the Rollon on baby’s chest and feet and cover baby’s feet with socks if weather is cold. You can also apply the rollon on baby’s clothes where baby can breath it. That helps to breath easily during cold.

My baby hasn’t pooped in a day and I feel like he has constipation. What should I do?

When baby has constipation and unable to pass stool, apply our Hing Roll on on baby’s tummy around that naval. Baby will instantly feel relief and pass the stool if suffering from constipation.

In which other Ways Natural Cold Relief Roll on can be used?

Our Natural cold relied roll is a multipurpose roll on. It works best for cold and cough but other than that you can use it as misquote repellent and after bite roll on (Apply it on insect bites to get rid of itching) as well.