Monsoon is the season of relief, relief from the scorching heat. But as the climate changes to more humid, it may affect baby’s skin as well. Skin infections are common in this season as they have very delicate skin. Their vulnerability to catching skin problems increases. It is essential to know the prerequisites of this season, as you can’t stop your toddler from enjoying the rains. Knowing your baby’s skin priorly can save you from a lot of distress. The rainy season includes a lot of playtimes, puddle jumping and getting wet so, do not hesitate to let your child play, just keep these simple tips in mind and, you are ready to go. Sensitive skin needs additional care and protection to prevent skin rashes. In addition to skin problems, fungal infections are also quite common. These problems can be avoided by keeping simple things in mind like-

  1. Rains have the power to lure kids down and, it will be unfair to stop them to enjoy. Let them have fun and, once when it is over send them to bathe immediately. Wash them with natural, organic bath gel which is gentle on skin and cleans the body thoroughly so that, all the dirt and bacteria wash away.
  2. After the shower, pat them dry using a soft towel. See if there are any dirt deposits left and if you find any, clean them using the towel.
  3. Keep washing their hands with soap and sanitize whenever required.
  4. With excessive humidity skin tends to become very dry and flaky to avoid that apply moisturizers after shower. Moisturizers will not only help in dry skin but will also help in the prevention of rashes. Moisturizer helps the skin retain its moisture and avert irritation.
  5. Diaper change- due to the temperature changes, your child might pee a lot make sure that they stay dry and there is no infection or rash. Also, due to humidity, your child might sweat more and, which may lead to sweat deposit in skin, that can ultimately cause rashes. Clean the area with wipes and try to give them some no diaper time.
  6. It is very difficult to dry clothes in monsoon as the weather is flickering and it becomes difficult to get sunlight. So prepare your baby’s wardrobe according to these conditions. At no cost let them wear semi-wet clothes as their chances to fall ill increase. For washing, using medicated solutions so that fungus can’t breed and, then use mild iron to dry.
  7. Oil massages improve blood circulation in the rainy season. It also prevents the skin from getting dry and flaky. Massaging also has a lot of other benefits such as it helps in achieving stronger bones.