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BaalAmrut Swarnaprashan

Immunity, Concentration & Memory booster for the kids

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BabyOrgano BaalAmrut Swarnaprashan is an immunity booster drops intended for the children of age 0 to 15 years. Its key ingredients carefully develop a strong immunity in kids which acts as a protective shield against the seasonal diseases. Swarnapashan drops composition naturally contains 100% Ayurvedic products with no artificial or chemical ingredients. Swarnaprashan is equally beneficial for detoxification of a body. It progressively improves excellent memory and effective concentration. Furthermore, it also helps with abdominal infections and intestinal worms. All things considered, it naturally increases the physical and mental health of a child and helps to properly recover the body from preventable illness. It boosts appetite and improves proper digestion.



Swarna Bhasma

Swarna Bhasma -

Improves muscles strength and its endurance, Increases healthy appetite, Improves immunity, Helps in proper digestion, Increases concentration and intelligence power, Makes the skin glow, Prevents cough, acidity and microbial infections.


Brahmi -

Contains powerful anti oxidants which improves brain power, Boost brain functions like attention and retention power, Helps in reducing ADHD symptoms, Prevent anxiety and stress, Maintains blood pressure levels.


Shankhpushpi -

Improves cognitive functioning, Reduces mental fatigue, Fights against depression, Stimulates healthy digestion, Augments skin health, Prevents Headache and Insomnia, Treats bacterial Infections.


Vacha -

Helps in abdominal diseases and intestinal worms, Improves behavioural changes, Controls skin infections, Reduces pain and inflammation, Improves intelligence


Chitrak -

Controls sugar levels and blood cholesterol, Helps in weight balance, Reduces anxiety and stress, Maintains proper blood flow in body, Manages skin diseases like acne, dermatitis.


Majishtha -

Treats calcium deficiency, Works as a blood purifier, Relieves skin problems like dry skin, rashes and itching, Promotes quick healing of injury, Check irregular mensuration.


Who should have BaalAmrut

Who should have BaalAmrut

  • BaalAmrut can be given to anyone aged 0 to 15 years
  • It can be given Daily or on Pushyanakhstra as mentioned dose


  • 0 – 5 Years | 1 Drop Daily
  • 5 – 10 Years | 2 Drop Daily
  • 10 – 15 Years | 3 Drop Daily
When to take BaalAmrut

When to take BaalAmrut

  • On an Empty Stomach preferably in the Morning
  • Please avoid giving Food or Other Liquid for half an hour at least


  1. Mujammil

    How to use for 5 year girl.. Plz reply..

  2. Sangeetha Shreeram

    Namaskaram. I have a two year old son. Can we give this daily. Before food or after food.

  3. Shruti Dravidan

    Give me a detail on how to use like how many drops

  4. Pavithra Srikanth

    Very good product, with important healthy ayurvedic ingredients.
    Builds immunity for kids. Recommended during this time.

  5. Smitha T N

    Very Good product.. Every month on pushyanakshatra date ve to go sumwer wer providing dis drops but now everyday in home itself we r giving feel very happy…

  6. Monali ranpura

    Very nice product

  7. Pankajini Nanda


  8. Pankajini Nanda

    Perfect for baby

  9. Sachin Shukla

    Quality wise good. It justifies it’s intended uses.

  10. pallavi Mawlankar

    Very useful n gud product for kids

  11. Satya Vijay

    Can we give this drops to 3plus months baby or there will be any side effects

  12. Sudhir

    Kitne dino tak dena hy or kyse dena hy

  13. Swathi

    Very nice product

  14. Sameena Sultana

    Good product. Can see change in my kids. Kids like it very much.

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